Film Dedicated to Carol and Marlin Perkins

Carol and Marlin Perkins

Many of us grew up watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, a show that captivated America with images of wild animals and wild places. The host of the show, Marlin Perkins, was a remarkable man whose life work was dedicated to wildlife and conservation. His wife, Carol, stood by his side and together they were a powerful voice for many conservation issues around the globe. One of their lifelong dedications was preserving and saving critically endangered canids, such as the red wolf and the stars of our film, Mexican gray wolves. Together they founded the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center (now known as the Endangered Wolf Center)  in 1971, just outside of St. Louis, MO. This facility played a large role in saving the Mexican wolf from a certain extinction.

The legacy of Carol and Marlin Perkins lives on at the Endangered Wolf Center. Almost every Mexican wolf today, whether it lives in the wild or in captivity, can trace it’s history back to this facility. Our film, The Last Pack, aims to continue the Perkin’s legacy of conservation by generating more awareness on the current plight of the Mexican gray wolf. Their dream and vision of creating a facility to house and save several species from extinction became a reality in 1998 when 11 Mexican wolves were released into the wild. Today, 75 wolves survive in the wild, and over 280 live in captive facilities across North America. At the time when they started the Wild Canid Survival and Research Center, only 5 Mexican wolves were known to exist in the wild, and they were trapped to save the species. An additional two Mexican wolves were discovered at a captive facility, bringing the total to 7. These 7 wolves are the founders of The Last Pack.

We are dedicating this film, The Last Pack: A Return to the Wild, to both Carol and Marlin Perkins in honor of their dedication to Mexican wolves and canids alike. This film will become a voice for Mexican wolves, promoting an accurate understanding of wolves, their importance to nature, and ways we can coexist with this apex predator. True to the lives of Carol and Marlin Perkins, The Last Pack will be used to educate people on the importance of conservation.


Alan Lacy, Director and Producer

Filming to Begin

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! We are going to begin filming this weekend at the Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis, Mo! Two of their male wolves will be transported with a female wolf from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago to a prerelease facility in New Mexico. These wolves are slated for release into the wild next year, and we will be there to film the beginning of their journey, thanks to you! We appreciate all of your kind support, and we are working hard to raise an additional $30,000 by the end of this year. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but with the help of supporters like you, we will do it! If you haven’t donated to this project, please know that every penny helps. We appreciate any amount you are able give in support of this film for Mexican wolves. Hopefully by this time next year, we will be shipping you a DVD of the film in thanks for supporting this project!


Alan Lacy, Director and Producer


Largo, a Mexican wolf from the Endangered Wolf Center that we have the opportunity to film during his transfer to the wild. Photo Courtesy of the Endangered Wolf Center, St. Louis, MO.

The Countdown

It has been a busy month since the last posting I have put on here. Here in Phoenix Arizona, the temperatures have been climbing up, and the days of summer are upon us. I have been busy putting together a preview of our journey, and the story that surrounds the Mexican gray wolf recovery program. Stay tuned to see this trailer of the film in the next several weeks.

I want to thank several organizations for their assistance in this project. These organizations are actively working in the conservation and efforts to restore the Mexican gray wolf back to the lands they once inhabited. They have also assisted this project in sharing and spreading the word about The Last Pack. I want to thank, Wolf Haven International, The California Wolf Center, National Wolfwatcher Coalition, and the Endangered Wolf Center. They are a loud voice for the Lobo.

In one month from today, we will begin our fundraising campaign on So far we have been able to accomplish a tremendous amount of work, and we are looking forward to continuing this progress. As August 15, 2012 comes closer, I would like to ask you to consider donating to this project and be a part of restoring the wolf here in the Southwest. With your help, these wolves will once again roam the forests, and nature will once again find it’s balance. Thank you for your interest in this film, and we are looking forward to filming these wolves so that others can learn about their role in nature.

Till next time,

Alan Lacy, Director and Producer

A New Approach

Film projects, very involved by nature, have many different aspects that go into their making. Before anything can get started, however, there must be a source for funding. Traditionally, this requires grants, investments, and donations from organizations and individuals who are hoping to get something in return from the film. However, this film we are producing is different, its grassroots production. We want the focus of this film to be on the conservation of these wolves, and the efforts of those who are involved in the wolf recovery program. This is why we chose Kickstarter to allow us the freedom to tell the wolf’s story without any strings attached.

Kickstarter is a new way for people to fund projects. What makes this unique, and perfect for this film, is simply that it completely relies on your support. gives you confidence in donating to our project by withholding funds until the fundraising goal is reached. In the event that a fundraising project goal is not met, Kickstarter returns your donation, ensuring that your money only goes to a realized project. Similar to the funding tradition, you will receive something in return for your donation as a token of thanks. It’s a win-win for us both!

Take a look at our Kickstarter campaign and help us make this film possible. With your support, this film will make an impact on the wolves’ recovery, and help others learn about our natural world. We are looking forward to sharing the story of the Lobo with you.

Alan Lacy, Director and Producer

The Beginnings

Over the past few months, I have been extensively researching and creating the storyboard for this film, The Last Pack. It has been a lot of work, but I have thoroughly enjoyed it. During this process I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the wolves, and can’t wait to share their story with you.

Currently, the status of the film is such that once we receive our funding and approvals, we are “all systems go” for filming. Our Director of Photography and videographer, Dean Cannon, has extensive experience filming for National Geographic, PBS Nature, Discovery Channel, and the BBC. His work covers a broad range of wildlife and geography, and has recently worked on “Bears of the Last Frontier” which aired on PBS Nature in 2011. He will be capturing compelling footage, and devoted characters to help tell the story of The Last Pack.

We are looking for your help contributing to this film, as you hold the key to its success, and that of the Lobo. We are hoping this film will make an impact that will create a healthy and sustainable future for these magnificent creatures. We would greatly appreciate any amount you are able to contribute; these wolves will be forever indebted to your generosity.

Stay tuned for future updates, as the development process continues and as we begin filming this story. Thank you for your support,

Alan Lacy, Director and Producer