Filming to Begin

Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far! We are going to begin filming this weekend at the Endangered Wolf Center in St. Louis, Mo! Two of their male wolves will be transported with a female wolf from the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago to a prerelease facility in New Mexico. These wolves are slated for release into the wild next year, and we will be there to film the beginning of their journey, thanks to you! We appreciate all of your kind support, and we are working hard to raise an additional $30,000 by the end of this year. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but with the help of supporters like you, we will do it! If you haven’t donated to this project, please know that every penny helps. We appreciate any amount you are able give in support of this film for Mexican wolves. Hopefully by this time next year, we will be shipping you a DVD of the film in thanks for supporting this project!


Alan Lacy, Director and Producer


Largo, a Mexican wolf from the Endangered Wolf Center that we have the opportunity to film during his transfer to the wild. Photo Courtesy of the Endangered Wolf Center, St. Louis, MO.