Now that “Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest” has been completed, the time for the first film screenings are just around the corner! The past several weeks have been exciting ones for me, having completed the film and also learning it has been made an “Official Selection” of the 40th International Wildlife Film Festival this coming April! I couldn’t be more proud! The film will also be the feature film for the night at the Wild & Scenic Film Festival on Tour in Flagstaff, Arizona – hosted by the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project. For those of you interested in seeing the film, here are two great options for you with more dates to come soon!


Our new trailer is about to be released as well which I’m extremely excited about. It captures the essence of the film, with beautiful shots of nature, and stunning imagery.
Sincerely, Alan Lacy Director/Producer

Film Festivals and screenings are amazing ways to raise awareness about the Mexican wolf that can reach audiences otherwise unobtainable. These events can also end up being rather expensive. Help us get Gray Area into as many venues as possible by supporting the film below!

Wrapping Up Post-Production!


It’s been a long and challenging road, but I’m finally nearing the end of post-production! This means that Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest is nearly complete! Finally! I began this project back in 2011 with a determination to do something for Mexican wolves to help create awareness. At the time, roughly 50 wolves were known to exist in the wild, and now today, that number is hovering around 100 wild lobos. Once the final touches are made, I will then begin the process of getting the film out to the world! This means film festivals, screenings, maybe even a chance of a broadcast – all intended to generate more awareness for the lobo.

For those of you reading this who have supported me throughout this project, I can’t begin to thank you enough! It’s been such a challenging and uphill battle to reach the point where I’m at today with this film. It’s truly remarkable. Thank you! Very soon you will get a chance to see all of the hard work that went into this project, and you’ll enjoy watching the film and learning more about the Mexican gray wolf. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

– Alan Lacy


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Coming Soon!

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Filming to Begin

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