Exciting New Chapter!

The Last Pack: A Return to the Wild has some exciting and great news! We are excited to announce that the Wolf Education and Research Center (W.E.R.C.) has agreed to assist us in generating awareness for the Mexican gray wolf by becoming our fiscal agent! This means that we now have the ability to offer a tax benefit to anyone who supports our film! It also means that we now have the ability to reach many more people on the importance of Mexican wolf conservation in the Southwestern United States and Mexico! The Wolf Education and Research Center is best known as the center that housed the Sawtooth Pack, one of the most recognized wolves on film. It is an honor to work together with W.E.R.C on this important project.  As we generate more awareness for the Mexican wolf, their recovery in the wild becomes a very real possibility. We have been diligently working on this film, and recently spent 9 days filming in the Blue Range Wolf Recovery Area during the month of March.

As part of this new chapter in this project we have decided to turn this film into a full length feature film, giving the Mexican wolf even more time in the spotlight. This means that we will be working hard to ensure that we can make the greatest impact for the “lobo.” We will be returning to the Mexican Wolf Recovery Area throughout the year, capturing the footage we need to tell their story. Thanks to the W.E.R.C., we now have a platform to accomplish our goals for this film.

As a thanks for becoming our fiscal agent, we will help W.E.R.C gain a greater reach by infusing our fans with theirs. As our fiscal agent, they will also receive 10% of the funds received to help them with their yearly budget and administrative costs. As they are an all-volunteer operation, this will help them meet their operational costs. In other words, your support not only helps Mexican wolves but also an organization that is working on the front lines of wolf recovery in the United States. We will be using this film as an educational based tool to promote wolf recovery once finished, and will also use it to give back to the community by helping W.E.R.C. with their yearly operational costs. They will be recognized in the film’s credits as well, for their support and assistance during production of this documentary.

If you would like to receive a tax benefit by donating to our documentary film on Mexican wolves, you can do so by visiting: www.wolfcenter.org/donate and notate The Last Pack. By notating your donation to The Last Pack, we will be sure to receive it. We would like to thank the Wolf Education and Research Center for the generosity in supporting our film, and for becoming our fiscal agent. We are looking forward to working with them in accomplishing our goals in producing this film.

If you would like to watch an exclusive preview of The Last Pack: A Return to the Wild, you can do so by registering to attend Wolf Education and Research Center’s Summer Celebration on June 6th and 7th here: http://wolfcenter.org/site/summer-celebration.html Film producer Alan Lacy will be showing several clips of the film, and discussing the project in two parts. You don’t want to miss it!

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