The Countdown

It has been a busy month since the last posting I have put on here. Here in Phoenix Arizona, the temperatures have been climbing up, and the days of summer are upon us. I have been busy putting together a preview of our journey, and the story that surrounds the Mexican gray wolf recovery program. Stay tuned to see this trailer of the film in the next several weeks.

I want to thank several organizations for their assistance in this project. These organizations are actively working in the conservation and efforts to restore the Mexican gray wolf back to the lands they once inhabited. They have also assisted this project in sharing and spreading the word about The Last Pack. I want to thank, Wolf Haven International, The California Wolf Center, National Wolfwatcher Coalition, and the Endangered Wolf Center. They are a loud voice for the Lobo.

In one month from today, we will begin our fundraising campaign on So far we have been able to accomplish a tremendous amount of work, and we are looking forward to continuing this progress. As August 15, 2012 comes closer, I would like to ask you to consider donating to this project and be a part of restoring the wolf here in the Southwest. With your help, these wolves will once again roam the forests, and nature will once again find it’s balance. Thank you for your interest in this film, and we are looking forward to filming these wolves so that others can learn about their role in nature.

Till next time,

Alan Lacy, Director and Producer