An Update

Thank you to everyone who has made this film possible so far! You are the backbone of this project and I can’t thank you enough, especially those of you who have pledged your support more than once! Every little bit helps! We have a few more locations we need to film yet, but your help has been tremendous! Thank you so much for supporting us, and for contributing to this film which will help people understand more about these wolves. It is vitally important to provide an accurate and clear understanding to help pave a future for this critically endangered species. The more people we can touch with this film, the more chances these wolves have to fully recover. We want to see Mexican wolves fully recovered throughout their traditional home ranges: from the Southwestern United States all the way down into Mexico.

At the end of April, we traveled to New Mexico and took part in a release of two wolves, a male and female. It was incredible to participate in this rare event. With only 75 wolves in the wild as of the 2012 population count, each new wolf that sees freedom increases their chances of survival as a species. The female was pregnant, and it is hoped that she has whelped a litter of pups, increasing those chances even more.

We are planning to continue filming later this year. We want to go into wolf country in Arizona and New Mexico so we can better understand these animals, and the places they inhabit. We are going to need more support, as we want to capture footage of Mexican wolves in the wild, exhibiting their natural behaviors. This will enable us to get a glimpse into the life of the “lobo,” and help us see wolves for who they truly are. During this trip, we want to explore the complexities that surround the Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Project, and ways we can learn to coexist with wolves. To do this we will need more help, as we are in need of a significant increase in funding. Please help us spread the word about this film. By doing so, you will help generate more awareness for the Mexican wolf and at the same time you will be helping us achieve our goal. If you are able to help us through donations, we will give you a gift in return as thanks, just look at our “how you can help” page for more info, or click here to donate.

We are excited to see this film coming together, and are looking forward to seeing this film completed! Please help us get there! In the meantime, below this update you can see some of the photo’s we took while filming the release.



Alan Lacy, Director and Producer