Howls Of Thanks

We Finally Made It — Thank you for your support

I honestly don’t know where to begin! We reached our minimum goal yesterday on Indiegogo with 3 days to spare!! Absolutely incredible! We could not have come this far without your support and help. Thank you. It means so much to me. We are now able to make shoot 3 into a reality! We can’t wait to get into the field to search, find, and film the elusive Mexican wolf!

We Reached Our Goal, But That Doesn’t Mean We Have to Stop there!

We still have 3 days left on our campaign, and we want to make the most of them! If we can raise just $4,500 more, we will be able to travel to St. Louis and film where the Mexican wolf began it’s journey to recovery just over 30 years ago. Help us reach our 1st stretch goal:

STRETCH GOAL #1: $30,000

Of the hundreds and hundreds of films on Indiegogo, we have climbed up to the top page! We are currently #7 in a list including people such as Simon’s Cat, the loveable animated cartoon on Youtube! We are also being featured in Indiegogo’s newsletter that is distributed around the world! This is HUGE for the Mexican wolf, many more people will see their current plight. If we can hit our 1st STRETCH goal, we’d love to make this film even better! That’s why we’ve created:

STRETCH GOAL #2: $40,000

If we can reach this by August 7th (3 days from now), it will allow us to do the editing and post production professionally! With this goal met, we can hire a top professional editor to make this film stand out! That would be incredible! It would truly make this film howl for wolves!

Thank you so very much for your support! WE DID IT!!!

Alan Lacy
Film Director/Producer